The cottage journey – nearly there

21 Oct The cottage journey – nearly there

The holiday cottage renovation is now approaching a year since it first began. It has been a very long year, which has seen me both incredibly excited and sobbing on my kitchen floor. And, finally, thankfully, she is very close to being finished.

Today, I’ve ordered the radiator cabinets, written lists of all the things I need to buy to completely finish the kitting out of the kitchen, and all the other rooms, and ordered the final skip to get rid of various bits and bobs. The renovation has taken far longer than I expected (I’m sure that’s what everyone always says on Grand Designs too, but I really thought I could do this within 9 months) but I really hope that the time and love that I’ve spent on her will be obvious as soon as you step through the door.  I’m hoping that the first guests (and hopefully all the others after that) will love her as much as I do.

Oh – and I still haven’t started tackling the garden!