Looking forward to Christmas at the holiday cottage

Christmas decorations on staircase

26 Nov Looking forward to Christmas at the holiday cottage

Now that the little holiday cottage has welcomed her second set of guests, my thoughts are turning towards Christmas, and more specifically, decorating. With bookings over Christmas and new year, I want my guests to feel at home and enjoy the festive period, whilst being away from their own homes.

Decorations are a great way to bring the festive period to life, and hopefully with a holly tree behind the house, it should be possible for me to use a lot of holly inside. Other things I’m quite keen on include decorating the stairs (as I do in my house, below) and finding room for a Christmas tree. I think rustic and natural are probably the two words that I’ll be thinking of, so nothing too garish or plastic – more green leaves and wooden! It’ll be the first time I’ve decorated a holiday cottage though, so if you have any suggestions, then please let me know.