The previous cottage renovations

The cottage in the 1990s

15 Jan The previous cottage renovations

Whilst renovating the cottage this time last year, I was reminded by my Dad that my Mum kept a photographic record of the last lot of alterations made to the cottage, back when I was in school (or college, I can’t quite remember). After my Great Aunt had moved out my parents gave the cottage a bit of a makeover that involved raising the ceilings in the landing and main bedroom, increasing the size of the main bedroom, putting in a new kitchen and knocking through from the living room to what is now the snug (but what was then an outside tool store). Here are a few of the photos – some look frighteningly similar to ones I’ve taken this time round – timber studwork anyone?


I’m using the photos to compile a little bit of a cottage history, so if you know anything else about the cottage, or the area, then I’d be delighted to find out more.