Everything is coming up roses

The cottage veggie garden

19 Jun Everything is coming up roses

Well, maybe not quite roses yet.

However, the beautiful sunshine-filled weather of late has really seen the things in the garden put a growth spurt on, and the new rockery area and wildflower beds next to the vegetable garden are really blooming. There’s a huge mint, edible borage, strawberries, and a riot of gorgeous smelling sweet peas climbing up the trellis.

My lovely neighbour Margaret has also been hard at work in the veggie garden; so far I’ve spotted peas, runner beans, potatoes, radish, lettuce and carrots. There’s also a fairly enormous rhubarb waiting for someone to make a huge dish of crumble. Do say hello if you see her in the garden.

In the next couple of weeks the peas should start to set and the strawberries ripen, then guests can help themselves to whatever they fancy. In fact, don’t tell anyone, but without me being there regularly enough to water everything, I really need it to rain to make sure nothing dries out and dies. This lack of rain is probably something of a record for Wales, but I’ll hold off the rain dance for now and hope the current guests have a lovely week instead.