Little Welsh cottage

Winter light in the cottage garden

23 Mar Little Welsh cottage

Little Welsh cottage is a new website address that I bought last year, when I decided I’d like to use my car to advertise the cottage. So, www.littlewelshcottage.co.uk  was born and takes you straight to this website.  I chose ‘little welsh cottage’ because Pontganol is a fairly difficult name to remember, especially if you’re not familiar with Welsh. Picture the scene – you’re stuck behind me at traffic lights, a roundabout, or parked next to me in a car park, if it said ‘pontganolcottage’ chances are you wouldn’t remember it when you got home. So hopefully, if you’re at all curious about the website address you can see on the car, you’ll probably find it a lot easier to remember ‘little welsh cottage’ than Pontganol cottage!

What’s in a name?

Pontganol actually means ‘middle bridge’ and like some Welsh words it has mutated slightly to get to its current form. When I was little, the cottage was called Pontcanol, which still means ‘middle bridge’ but the c has now mutated to a g. I’m not sure which bridge the middle bit refers to – it has to be either on the canal or the river. There’s a canal bridge fairly close by, so perhaps its connected to that.

Anyway, hopefully ‘little welsh cottage’ should be easy enough to remember, and if you see me and my car around then give me a wave!